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Why The 716

If you’re reading this now you must have some link or love for the 716. As someone who moved away to the “big city” and back, I can tell you first hand that one can say they enjoy many cities….but there is only one Buffalo, NY. Word is getting out, including “Keep Buffalo a Secret” wall art. Yet, still, we see a resurgence and revival unfolding right before our eyes. There are just so many reasons to love the 716.

  1. ARCHITECTURE – Our history runs deep into the history of American. In the early 1900s, the city was home to many large industrial corporations. As such our architecture is not only impressive, including an art deco city hall, but there are numerous famous buildings and homes from some of the best designers of the 1900s.
  2. FOOD – It probably could have been #1 but the food here is unlike anywhere else. Yes, we invented the chicken wing and hold loyal to our buffalo-style pizza. But we also hold other amazing and unique items like beef on weck, hot dogs, loganberry, and so much more. Just visit The Taste of Buffalo, held annually, and you’ll be stuffed.
  3. THE PEOPLE– Inside the 716 everyone is friendly and welcoming so much more than the larger cities hustle and bustle. The city of buffalo calls itself “The City of Good Neighbors” – it really is. Just stop someone on the side of the road and ask them where to get their favorite pizza. You might have a 5-minute conversation, unless its #thethingsiseeinhouses founder, block a good 30-45 minutes for the expert explanation 
  4. FOUR SEASONS – Headlines will always talk about the snow in the 716, and yes we have numerous skiing and tubing options through our cold winters (#1 is Ellicottville NY, Blog coming soon just on that amazing place) but we have so much more. Having 4 seasons allows you to enjoy the birth of spring, the warm but tolerable summers and numerous bodies of water to boat and kayak, then the fall (football) season with changing leaves. If you’re looking for a place that tugs the heart with consistent beauty and change, we’re here waiting for you.
  5. SPORTS– Buffalo is hope to numerous sports teams, most notably the Buffalo Bills (football), The Buffalo Sabres (hockey(, and the Buffalo Bisons (baseball) – with nearly year-round options to catch a ball game, we truly love our teams. #BillsMafia is something everyone should witness once and chances are if you’re reading from afar you know how well we travel. 
  6. ENTERTAINMENT– with a vibrant theatre scene most notably at Shea’s Buffalo but other numerous great theatres as well the arts are never too far away. Also, it’s possible we have some of the oldest small-town movie theatres where one can still enjoy time gone by, the old way not the big-box way. Stop to East Aurora for a special cinema treat. 

They say Home is where the heart is. I would have to agree, of course, myself born and raised here, moved away and returned I shout from rooftops how nice it is to be a 716 er. But even those that we help as clients who are not from here, truly enjoy calling this area code, Home.

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