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    VALUE: Let’s Talk About It!

    By Emily Hunt | February 18, 2021

    So Let’s Talk About Value One of the most confusing terms you will hear getting bandied about in any Real Estate transaction these days has to do with VALUE. The Assessor has their ideas and the Insurance Broker has theirs. Then we have the appraiser, and let’s not forget the buyer and seller who render their... Read More

    Buying a House in 2021: A Simple, 3-Step Process

    By Emily Hunt | February 11, 2021

    First, Get an Agent.   If you are headstrong and you think you are going to navigate the rocky shoals of the 2021 Real Estate market all by yourself, knock yourself out. But while everyone else is locking in on their dream homes you will be able to triumphantly declare your total independence and statistically find... Read More

    Is it time to buy?! What to consider when leaving rentals behind and purchasing.

    By Admin | February 11, 2021

    Written by George Doyle    In my experience, it is the math and the upfront costs that shy people away from buying and staying in the rental game but there is money out there for you to find that can help ease the upfront burden. The government and many financial institutions offer first time home... Read More


    By Emily Hunt | February 9, 2021

    Refinancing your mortgage is something most homeowners consider at least once throughout the lifespan of their home loan. It allows you to pay off your previous loan by applying for a new one that has better financial advantages. While there are many good reasons to refinance, here are five common ones. Scoring a lower interest... Read More

    Preparing for Battle: How to be a successful home buyer in today’s market

    By Admin | February 5, 2021

    written by John Wagner Why are there so many bids on a house?   Recently, some buyers of mine and I went to a house asking $170,000. Despite it being a little small, not exactly the area they wanted, and knowing that they’d eventually want to tear out and replace the entire kitchen, they decided... Read More

    Appraisals and a Home Inspections: Both Are Necessary….But What’s the Difference?

    By Emily Hunt | January 27, 2021

    When you’re buying a home, you’ve probably heard the words “Appraisal” and “Home Inspection” thrown around a lot. They’re both evaluations of your home, but what is the difference? An appraisal is a very important step in the home-buying process. It’s a professional evaluation of the market value of the home you’d like to buy.... Read More

    Realtors: What’s in a title? Is there a difference?

    By Gregory Straus | January 22, 2021

    Often people looking to buy or sell real estate look to recommendations from friends/family or the internet for top REALTORS® . It’s always important to do your research and interview a few to ensure that person has the experience needed for your specific scenario. Who you hire, matters. Here we’ll go over more of the... Read More

    Is it still affordable to buy a house?

    By Admin | January 7, 2021

    There are several factors that influence the cost of a home. Two of the major ones are: The price of the home The mortgage rate at which a buyer can borrow the funds necessary to purchase the home The blue bar above represents today’s affordability in comparison to prior years. Speaking with George Doyle from... Read More

    3 “Musts” To Remember When Selling Your House

    By Emily Hunt | January 4, 2021

    It’s exciting to put a house on the market and to think about making new memories in new spaces. However, despite the anticipation of what’s to come, we can still have deep sentimental attachments to the home we’re leaving behind. Growing emotions can help or hinder a sale depending on how we manage them. When... Read More

    Why it makes sense to sell your house this holiday season

    By Gregory Straus | December 24, 2020

    If you’re one of the many homeowners that think you should take your house off the market for the holidays, you need to read on. This month can be the optimal time to make sure your home is available, and you don’t want to miss this great selling opportunity. The latest Existing Homes Report from... Read More