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Need some change now? Five reasons this is the time to find a new local brand

In the last several months, we’ve all been forced to change and rethink a lot of the ways we work and live. While we’ve often resisted seeing ourselves on camera, we’ve been on video more the last several months than we have our entire lives and for most of us, we’ve seen the difference it can make. We’ve sharpened our online and social media profiles, paid more attention to digital marketing and worked even more diligently to stay in front of our clients.

So maybe now is the time to stretch and change even more. Out of challenging times can come opportunity. For example, what’s so appealing about these other national real estate brands? What do they offer that my brokerage doesn’t and is now the time to make a move?

Here are five reasons why now may be the time to align your personal brand with a different real estate brand.

No. 1 – Now’s the time to make more money

The last few months have been stressful to say the least. We’ve had to worry not only about the health of our friends and loved ONEs but about how we’ll continue to provide for our families. Money isn’t everything, but suddenly the amount of commission we take home on each transaction matters even more. Do you know how much you’re actually paying in commissions and fees for tools, marketing and support and services you may not even use? It’s more important now than ever to do the math.

No. 2 – A culture that thrives

Did your brand and office kick into high gear with support when the pandemic set in? The right national franchisors and offices take your success seriously and will provide extra coaching and training as well as emotional support. That’s right: emotional support in the form of motivation, regular check-ins, town hall meetings with high-level leadership, one-on-one mentoring and more, to help see you through the good and bad times.

No. 3 – Innovation is the name of this game

The change caused by the Coronavirus pandemic will most likely lead to some really cool innovation in our industry and in our world. Are you ready for it? Are both your Broker and your brand focused on adopting and helping you master the latest technology that could make you even more productive and send more leads your way?

No. 4 – We need to give back

Donating our time and resources to help others is not only good for our communities but it’s good for the soul. And we could all use a lot of good right now. Your office should provide you with ways to give back, organize community giving opportunities and help you subtly market your charities to bring in clients who share your compassion. Your national real estate brand should also show a commitment to giving by donating on behalf of you and their network of real estate professionals. Why? Because it matters.

No. 5 – It should be about me

You should be the priority for your Broker and your brand. You matter: your work, your clients, your success, but also your family and your goals for living the best life you can. It all matters and a devoted national real estate franchise that keeps its eye on you and not the bottom line is what you deserve.

716 Realty Group is 100% Locally Owned and Operated. We have 3 offices – Tonawanda, Buffalo, and Amherst. With over 200 years of experience among our 45+ real estate experts and 4 staff our motto is – “Big enough to know, small enough to care.” Go ahead, ask around. We look forward to speaking with you if you would like to learn more.

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