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Monthly Archives: January 2021

    Appraisals and a Home Inspections: Both Are Necessary….But What’s the Difference?

    By Admin | January 27, 2021

    When you’re buying a home, you’ve probably heard the words “Appraisal” and “Home Inspection” thrown around a lot. They’re both evaluations of your home, but what is the difference? An appraisal is a very important step in the home-buying process. It’s a professional evaluation of the market value of the home you’d like to buy.... Read More

    Realtors: What’s in a title? Is there a difference?

    By Gregory Straus | January 22, 2021

    Often people looking to buy or sell real estate look to recommendations from friends/family or the internet for top REALTORS® . It’s always important to do your research and interview a few to ensure that person has the experience needed for your specific scenario. Who you hire, matters. Here we’ll go over more of the... Read More

    Is it still affordable to buy a house?

    By Admin | January 7, 2021

    There are several factors that influence the cost of a home. Two of the major ones are: The price of the home The mortgage rate at which a buyer can borrow the funds necessary to purchase the home The blue bar above represents today’s affordability in comparison to prior years. Speaking with George Doyle from... Read More

    3 “Musts” To Remember When Selling Your House

    By Admin | January 4, 2021

    It’s exciting to put a house on the market and to think about making new memories in new spaces. However, despite the anticipation of what’s to come, we can still have deep sentimental attachments to the home we’re leaving behind. Growing emotions can help or hinder a sale depending on how we manage them. When... Read More