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    4 Trust Building Tactics Agents Should Know

    By Gregory Straus | May 20, 2022

    By Gregory Straus Transactions have been declining in our market today. April of ’21 vs. April of ’22 is down nearly 15% per the Buffalo MLS. Want to avoid this? Want to be the agent that can sail through anything the market throws at you?  We need to adapt to our today and avoid becoming... Read More

    October3-9 Best time to buy?

    By Amanda McNichol | October 3, 2021

    ATTENTION BUYERS- IT’S YOUR TURN FINALLY some good news for buyers! It is no mistake, the housing market is having a tremendous year, but the headlines have only been talking about sellers and their perks. As a buyer all year, you have most likely been stuck in bidding wars, waiving home inspections, and becoming discouraged... Read More

    What Does the Real Estate Market Look Like For the Rest of 2021

    By Amanda McNichol | August 5, 2021

    Everyone knows that throughout the Covid-19 pandemic craziness, the real estate market has been just as crazy! If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, you are probably wondering how long is it going to be this way?! According to Redfin, in June 2021, home prices throughout the United States, increased... Read More

    Real Estate Myths

    By Amanda McNichol | July 22, 2021

    Buying or selling a home is an exciting process that you should go into with as much knowledge as possible. With so much information readily available, and people’s opinions it can become overwhelming very fast. Not everything you see or hear is true. It is important to be certain that you have accurate information. Information... Read More

    Summer in the 716 – What to do?!

    By Amanda McNichol | July 8, 2021

    A great guide in addition: Niawanda Park Niawanda Park along the Niagara River provides over 2 1/2 miles of picnic and boating space. This also includes a paved biking and walking trail that continues along the Niagara River all the way to Buffalo. Open year-round. Buffalo Riverworks The city’s newest premier waterfront, boating, sports,... Read More

    Is This a Bubble?

    By Admin | July 1, 2021

    I get that question a lot, and I’m not the only one. I heard today on a Real Estate Market Recap that the most popular Google search related to real estate is “Is this a bubble?”.  Valid question – There’s a lot happening, and it’s happening fast, so we as real estate professionals are taking... Read More

    Why This Market is NOT 2008

    By Gregory Straus | June 25, 2021

    During the Great Recession, just over a decade ago, the financial systems the world depended on started to collapse. It created a panic that drove some large companies out of business (ex. Lehman Brothers) and many more into bankruptcy. The financial crisis that accompanied the current pandemic caused hardship to certain industries and hurt many small... Read More

    Preparing to Sell

    By Admin | June 10, 2021

    Here at 716 Realty Group, we strive to provide a professional, smooth, and rewarding experience throughout your home selling process. We believe that the most important element of your property marketing materials is photography. We hire the best local professional photographers in order to market your home to its highest potential and to in turn... Read More

    The 716 Effect: To The Moon

    By Gregory Straus | May 14, 2021

    Why is this happening? The Real estate market in a nutshell, nationally, is in a frenzy. Multiple offers and quick sales all seem to be headline news nearly every day. Rumor has it locally here in Buffalo NY, the record for over asking price offers is $150,000 though I can only continue to pass this... Read More

    We can help you buy or sell ANYWHERE

    By Admin | April 22, 2021

    We want to be your go-to stop for ALL of your real estate needs. Even if you are looking out of the area, or out of state…we can help. We have relationships with 5 star agents ALL around the world that we can refer you to, and can guarantee the best service possible.  Real estate... Read More