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2150 Wehrle Drive
Amherst, New York 14221

In response to a growing need of home mortgages in Western New York and in order to serve our clients in the Buffalo area better, we opened our Williamsville office in the Spring of 2001. Much like our Rochester location, we chose to fully staff this office with loan officers, processors and underwriters, ensuring that both the mechanics and decisions of our client’s mortgage financing would remain local.
As our reputation and client base has grown, we have made it to the Buffalo Business First list of top mortgage companies in Western New York. But, our proudest achievement yet is that we’ve continued our presence in the Buffalo home loan market while many larger lenders have packed up and left. It is a testament to our commitment to our clients that our business continues to grow and thrive. Contact us today for a free pre-approval on your next mortgage.

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Adam Fenske
Loan Officer
(716) 913-3914
NMLS #929545

Born and raised in the Buffalo area, I value an honest and trustworthy approach with my clients. I take pride in helping clients better understand the mortgage process inside and out to eliminate surprises and streamline their closing. I have experience as a mortgage processor and underwriting training prior to venturing into mortgage sales. I believe this background helps me further relate to all aspects of the mortgage process, and allow my clients to feel better informed throughout the process.
I’m willing to take calls before and after hours as well as on the weekends. From first time home buyers to those seeking investment opportunities, and those looking for their forever home, I have worked with all types of clients over almost a decade in the industry.
Contact me today for all your home financing needs!

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* New York - Licensed Mortgage Banker NYSDFS License 3254